Lovely natural Amethyst druzy with Goethite inclusions, Goethite inclusions form very typical bundles of yellow to brown needles that look a bit like a spider.
These are shaped like a teardrop with stand.

This material is typical of the amethyst that comes from around Ametista do Sul, formerly called Sao Gabriel, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. (Directly sourced by myself) 

Geothite is said to be stabilizing and grounding  that helps you make a direct connection with Mother Earth.

A 18x11x7cm includes stand £54.95
B 14x7x7cm including stand £34.95
C 13.5x7x7cm including stand £34.95
D 13x7x7cm including stand £36.95
E 13x7x7cm including stand £28.95
F 10x6x6cm including stand £26.95 
G 9x5.5x5.5cm including stand £24.95
H 9x5.5x5.5cm including stand £21.95

Amethyst with Goethite inclusions