These sound bars are suspended from sturdy wire in a quality wood base. The sound bars are made of a special aluminum alloy that produces rich, high, clear and long-lasting tones. These are used in healing, because of the special sounds in pure frequencies. Delivered complete with wooden stop hammers.
These Energy Chimes are based on the pure Angel frequencies:
* Angel Energy Chime 4096 Hz
* Angel Energy Chime 4160 Hz
* Angel Energy Chime 4225 Hz
The sound vibrations that these Energy Chimes produce are rich in natural overtones, which contain the healing and harmonizing effect, creating clarity, concentration and deep relaxation.
Energy chimes are used for healing and relaxation. The incredible resonance helps in focusing attention during meditation. Also perfect for Feng Shui energy work and when balancing the chakras.

Angel chimes for healing


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