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Meinl Sonic Energy A Major, Navy Blue

Miniature size Steel Tongue Drum (6”)

Great for yoga studios, sound therapy, classrooms or your coffee table

Pre-tuned scale

Portable and practical, miniature sized tongue drum

Calming, mellow tone, courtesy of steel construction

Easy to use, pretuned notes in the key of A Major

Includes carry bag and a pair of soft mallets

Make anywhere your sanctuary. A truly portable tongue drum. The Meinl Sonic Energy Mini Steel Tongue Drum is your pocket-sized ticket to inner calm. Its soothing sounds are ideal for meditation, yoga, and sound therapy sessions. But its compact, 5.5" diameter and included carry bag mean it can be easily and safely transported for use pretty much anywhere.
With six precisely pre-tuned tongues in the key of A Major, the Sonic Energy Mini Tongue Drum is the ultimate pick-up-and-play instrument, perfect for professionals and beginners alike. Also included is a pair of soft mallets, guaranteeing well-rounded, soulful melodies, right out of the box. Unbeatable Meinl build quality and a chic, navy blue finish make this a useful, eye-catching tongue drum that will last a lifetime.

Blue Meinl A Major steel drum

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