Set in sterling silver 925
Choices are 
Genuine Natural Citrine is said to be a  Seeker Transformer crystal, its effective in increasing your personal power and self-confidence, it brings joy and warmth to the wearer. 

Sunset Aura quartz This is one of the newer Aura Quartzes, which has been created using Titanium & Silicon. 
Sunset Aura is a great stone to to work with, it brings strength to the Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras, bringing the energy from those centres up to open the heart & then connects to the crown. It is a wonderful inspiration stone bringing creativity, passion and intuitive connection. 

Each point pendant each comes with a free cotton thong.  
A £18.95
B £18.95 
C £18.95 
D £22.95 
E £29.95
A £18.95 
B £21.95
C £21.95
D £21.95

Natural Citrine & Sunset Aura