I am really quite excited about this lot! And it's only the beginning of adding Crazy Lace Agate to our collection of crystal types. 
I've lots more on the way including a few different types of carvings, but I wanted to share the first batch of our points and spheres. 😬🙏💎 

Crazy lace Agate   (also known as Mexican Agate) is a banded chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz) that has inclusions of iron and aluminum which produces the creamy yellows, blacks, greys, golds and pinks /reds it has the most beautiful bright colours with gorgeous swirls and complex pattern. 

Crazy lace is said to keep "bad eye" away and protect from any kind of negative energy, it's also often called the laughing stone, bringing balance and joy, it is said to have a cleansing effect on a physical level, specifically on the pancreas and lymphatic system, and a powerful energy booster.
Larger orange/red spheres are £41.95 (65mm)
Smaller grey yellow £36.95 (55mm)
Points are all £21.95 each (11cm tall) 
Sizes are approx 

Crazy lace agate