We have two Gorgeous Quartz Dorje and two quartz Dorje pendants set in sterling silver 925 and I'm a tad excited about this 🤣💙
The pendants measure at approx 6.5cm by 1cm and are £26.95 each. (Left sold)
The carvings measure approx 
10cm by 2cm £39.95
11.5cm x 2cm £41.95
These are an elegant, symbolic representation of the precise moment of reaching enlightenment. The word dorje comes from the Sanskrit ‘vajra’, which means thunderbolt. It is a reference to the powerful force and indestructibility of consciousness. It's a  representation of the awakened state, which will only happen when we detach from the ego and the material world.
In this moment of awakening, it is said we are able to recognize the Divine within. Where we find that true happiness and love already exist within us.
As It is said in many traditions we live our lives in a dream, Many faiths, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, strive to wake us from this and remind us of our divine nature. This awakening from our dream is called enlightenment.