Mini gemstone bar "Espresso" has been specially developed to fit in the water tank of your espresso machine. That way you purify the water for your daily cup of coffee. With rock crystal points and pieces of amethyst, to clear your head, to concentrate and to attune to your inner wisdom. (*)
Packed in a cardboard box, including flyer in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
The gemstones are gemmologically approved (GKS seal) and fair trade where possible.
Directions for use
Place the well rinsed glass tube with gemstones carefully in a carafe of tap water. After 15 - 30 minutes the gemstone water is ready for use, the information of the gemstones has then been sufficiently absorbed into the water. You can keep replenishing the water after use.
Gemstone water
Gemstone water can be used for various applications, eg to add to bath water, to drink, as a mouthwash, in an atomizer for cleaning spaces, aura and meridians. Hildegard von Bingen invented many uses for gemstone water. Gemstone water has a positive effect on body and mind. Because the gemstone water remains in your body for a while, gemstone water often works faster and more intensively than externally applied gemstones on the skin

Gemstone elixir


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