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This really is an absolute powerhouse in the Crystal world! The Master Healer Gemstone, Golden Healer Quartz, combined with a magical Amethyst phantom.

A phantom is a ghost-like inclusion that represents a previous growth stage or phase of Crystal formation.

This stone has enormous heart energy. Promotes strength, intuition & positivity. Increases energetic power of other crystals. Opens & sustains light pillars.

These astonishing Phantom pendants are set in sterling silver 925.

Amethyst provides a gentle awakening of the crown and third eye chakras

Golden Healer is a Clear Quartz Crystal with natural inclusions of golden or yellow iron oxide minerals. The gorgeous streaks of varying shades of gold lattice are the result of the corrosion of iron throughout time, providing this Crystal with an infinite number of healing fractals.

Golden Phantom Amethyst

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