Smaller hearts 4cm £12.95
Larger hearts 5cm £14.95 
Smaller sphere 4.5cm£26.95 
Larger sphere 5cm £31.95 
Skulls £6.5x7x4.5cm £46.95 each
Points larger approx 8.5cm ish £16.95
Points smaller 6.5cm ish £12.95
Heart bowl 9x4cm £29.95
I would like to share my second of HEMATITE and CHRYSOPRASE

This combination is absolutely beautiful, and has the most wonderful protective grounding 
heart energy. 

Chrysoprase works with the heart Chakra and is said to have the ability to release spiritual blockages. 
Hematite has a very strong grounding energy, which is said to be a wonderful stone that can transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.
Combined they have the most magnificent harmonizing and balancing feeling, and each piece feels as though it can hold you firmly to the ground and aid in your absorbing all the energy of mother earth. 

At the moment there aren't many uk sellers of this stone, this is my second batch. 

 @ The Crystal Buddha

Hematite and chrysoprase