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Beautiful brazilian blue apatite in orange calcite, I have priced these way below the RRP.

These beautiful stones has the magical healing energy of the sky with its beautiful blue colours and warm orange sun like glow! It is said to heal multiple chakras, including the solar plexus.

It is a powerful spiritual tool and can be used when working with self confidence, personal strength, power and creativity.

Sourced by myself Location Brazil hardness on the Mohs around 5.

approx 6.5 x 3.5 A - £14.95

approx 6 x 2cm B - £10.95

approx 11cm x 4cm C - £29.95

approx 8cm x 3.5cm D - £15.95

approx 6cm x 1.5cm E - £6.95

approx 4.5 x 2.3cm F - £8.95

approx 4x 2.3cm G - £8.95

approx 8x2.9cm H - £12.95

approx4x2.5cm I - £6.95

approx 5x2 J - £6.95

approx 7.5x3 K - £12.95

approx 10cm x 3.5cm L - £21.95

Rare Calcite & Apatite