The last time we had this in was in 2018!

Luna Quartz is a newly found Crystal and is sourced from Nambia. Luna Quartz is made up of a blend of Rose Quartz and Graphite.

Luna Quartz tends to be grey with some pink in colour.


Luna Quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra, making this Stone perfect for those who want to focus their practice on the very top of their head. Predominantly focusing on spiritual connection and transformation.

This is a fantastic Gemstone for children and adults who want to seek their inner child. It is said to balance both the emotional and physical bodies,

removing any anxieties or stress factors that may be triggering any negative emotions. Its a wonderful stone which allows you the space to take up new opportunities and try new experiences that you may not have considered before, allowing you to be more carefree and more open to change.

Luna Rose Quartz