Completely love Mookaite, its totally one of my oldest favourites Mookaite Jasper is a stunning stone which is marbled with gorgeous earth tones its name name is from the Mooka Creek near the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia. The word “Mookaite” comes from the Aboriginal word for the creek where it is found, which means “running waters. It's an incredibly nurturing stone. As it is predominantly made up of red and yellow colours. It is said to be a stone of strength and healing for your sacral and solar plexus, said to have the ability to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. It's a beautiful earthy stone. 
Buddha £28.95 (we have 3 different ones instock) 
Bracelet £12.95 (I combined it with smokey quartz) 
Earrings £18.95
Oval ring £24.95 (R1/2)
Teardrop ring £22.95 (L1/2) 
Oval pendant £34
Teardrop pendant £32 
We have lots more Mookaite carvings which waiting to be photographed so watch this space ❤



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