Gorgeous phoenix pine

Dragon 10x6x5cm 
Sphere approx 68mm 
A 11cm 
B 10.5cm 
C 10cm 
D 9cm 
E 7.5cm 
F 7cm 
G 6.5cm
Ooooh how beautiful is this Phoenix pine Stone 
A fab mix of chrysocolla, malachite, azurite, quartz and turquoise. I believe as it is uv reactive (it glows a dull pink)  it may have calcite within it too. 
Its said to Spiritually join the heart and throat chakras and instills a sense of wonder at the beauty of the earth.
Meditating with this stone is said to fortify our connection to the higher planes and enhances our communication with angelic beings and divine spirits. 

CHAKRA(s): Heart/Throat/Third-Eye/Crown
Listed so you can pick on the website 

I have sourced these from China

Phoenix pine