New in I am literally beyond excited with our latest arrivals 💕 Absolutely beautiful Rhodochrosite some have beautiful druzy pockets and pyrite too! 

There are so many options so I've added the points and spheres separately on the website, but all details including measurements and prices can be found there. 
Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral, with a hardness of around 3.5-4 on the mohs 

Rhodochrosite is extremely rare as well-formed crystals.

Metaphysical properties 
It is a stone which is said to integrates the physical and spiritual energies, it is strong stone to aid emotional healing, stimulating love and passion while energising the soul.
A 8cm £44.95 
B 8cm £48.95 
C 9cm £46.95 
D 8cm £34.95
E 6.2cm £44.95
F 3.5cm £18.95 
G 5cm £28.95 
H 4.5cm £24.95
I 8cm £24.95
J 7cm £22.95 (very slight imperfect tip)
K 5cm £14.95 (very slight imperfect tip)
L 6cm Imperfect tip £14.95
M 6.5cm £34.95

Rhodochrosite point