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Root lemurian seed 
Small £11.95 
Large (only 1 piece) £19.95

The cleansing effect that the energy of this stone has on the mind and spirit is a perfect remedy to stress. Rather than continuing to spiral down a negative thought cycle, break the pattern with root lemurian. Root lemurian healing benefits infuse the body with the wisdom engrained in the earth. Tap into the flow of that energy with your root lemurian. As you do, the healing properties will break through energy blocks. 

This allows for fresh energy to circulate in, and revitalize the chakras. In meditation with root lemurian, you’ll feel a sense of balance being re-established between the mind, body and spirit.

 Though root lemurian crystals don’t have the ladder-like striations that lemurian seed crystals do, they share the same healing properties of being able to embody the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. Connect with the energy of root lemurian crystals when you need a dose of light and hope. Root lemurian healing benefits will help you to look forward with optimism, instead of focusing on problems in your past or present. 

This makes for a healthier mindset. By shifting your perspective away from the negative, and toward the positive, you can step out of the stress or cycles that have been holding you back.

Root Lemurian

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