Phallus £32.95 (14x4cm)
Cat £34.95 (8x5cm)
Small dragon £38.95 ((9x5cm)
Large dragon £44.95 (11x5cm)
Satin spar is part of the same family as selenite, but us often mislabled as Selenite, 
Satin Spar is usually cheaper than selenite.
•Satin Spar is Milky White/Opaque/Shiny and may have vertical lines running down the length of the stone, selenite is transparent.
•Satin Spar is fibrous, Selenite is nonfibrous.
•Selenite has cleavage.
It is a must have for any home, not only is it self cleansing, it also cleanses other Crystals and removes stagnant residue energy in your ho

Satin spar (selenite) carving