Beautiful white Agate with crystalline druzy pockets, some even have gorgeous Dendritic inclusion.
A 7x3cm £9.95
B 9.5x2.5cm £12.95 
C 10.5x2.5cm £18.95
D 11.5x2.5cm £18.95
E 11.5x3cm £21.95
F 11.5x3cm £21.95
G 11.5x3cm £24.95
Sphere £28.95 each 
B 56mm
C 58mm
D 58mm
Extra large heart 10x9.5cm £28.95
A 8x6cm £26.95
B 8x7.5cm £26.95
C 6.8x6.5cm £26.95
D 8.5x8cm £26.95
E 7x6.5cm £26.95
This beautiful stone is considered as a grounding stone that is able to bring spirituality into your life, improving mental functions and help you think clearly.
 The sparkling crystalline "skin" of druzy consists of many tiny crystals.  So captivating to play with.  It is said that the druzy pockets enhance the natural energetic potency of the stone they grow on. The myriad sparkling facets are said to bring light and joy to the space they occupy.

Snow Agate Druze