Love these teas from Spiral Tea and I love the fact that they are Dual Use too!

Natural ingredients ethically sourced all over the world and blended in the UK

Each 50g box contains enough to make 25-28 cups of tea.

100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

10 natural paper drawstring teabags included in each box.

Nature-flex inner lining made from 100% compostable wood pulp.

Once we begin to live in harmony with the energy of the moon we will notice how much easier it is to focus on intentions and manage our emotions. The 'Embracing Lunar Energy' collection is inspired by the four phases of the Lunar Cycles. Each blend contains herbs that help aid and manage our focus and intentions during each phase.

Dual use:

Brew: 2 tsp of tea per cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Bathe: Place a handful of herbs in a muslin bag (provided on purchase) and pop it into your bathwater.

Spiral Tea Lunar Range