We've some stunning new tumbled witches finger points in stock & I'm super excited, as is little Sorsha 🐈😆

Witches finger is also known as Magdalena Stone or Actinolite in Quartz, it is a rare kind of Quartz with inclusions of Muscovite, Zircon, Iron, Feldspar, sphalerite, hematite, actinolite and Calcite and is usually sourced from Zambia.

Metaphysically it is said to be a stone of strength, courage, confidence, and support.

It is said to connect to all the chakras, and is a great stone to meditate with, it aids in overcoming the darker side of one's nature allowing you to look deep into the shadow. It allows one to be released from that which haunts us, and enables you to move beyond and to integrate all of these parts into yourself, bringing with it a higher perspective which in turn can help you to better grasp the meaning of incidents that occur in your life and aid you to understand how this could assist with the manifestation of something that you desire.

These tumbled points are £6.95 each and can be found on our website aswell as in the shop. 💙💎🙏

Witches finger tumbled point