About the Deck
Two Witches, an American Wiccan High Priestess and an English Hedgewitch, spent a year journeying into other realms together. The wisdom they received led them to create a radical new interpretation of the Tarot for these times. Unlike traditional Tarots, which guide the seeker to enlightenment by leaving the Earth behind, they were shown a Tarot for the Earth offering a profound and magical journey into the world, not out of it.

An Excerpt from Inside the Deck

Magic of feather, son and Air
awaken, inspire, and make aware;

Magic of claw, hearth, and Fire
warm, enliven, and inspire;

Magic of fin, womb, and Water
love and dreams conjure;

Magic of fur, seed, and Earth
embody, nourish, and give birth.

Magic within and around awaken
Spirit's answers and guidance taken.

Witches wisdom Tarot