Names Zebra Calcite, also known as Raw Phantom Calcite, Aragonite is a calcium carbonate that forms in orthorhombic crystals. It is polymorphous which means that it has the same chemical formula as calcite but a different crystal structure.
Metaphysically it is said to be bringer of truth and understanding. Attuned to the earths goddess, it is a very grounding stone and a reliable earth healer. 
It is also said to boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. 
Points £14.95 approx 9cm tall you can choose from more yellow or more brown/black
Skulls £89.95 each approx 7.5x8x5cm 
Small £10.95 approx 40mm 
Medium £14.95 approx 44mm
Large A £18.95 approx 48mm 
Large B £21.95 approx 50mm

Zebra Aragonite (With Yellow Calcite)